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During my career as a political consultant, I’ve helped scores of candidates run for local, state and national public office. If you are thinking of or planning on running for office, hiring the right political consultant can make all the difference. Some political consultants are highly specialized-they place internet ads, boost facebook likes and write tweets. My services are comprehensive, starting with you, your story, your message, your slogan, communicating clearly to voters what you are going to do for them. If that piece of your campaign isn’t right, nothing is going to work well.

The services I offer as a political consultant include:

  • Crafting a compelling message, a slogan and fashioning your story in a way that will make you interesting to voters and the press.
  • Deciding the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT way to clearly communicate your message to voters, be it TV, Radio, Internet Ads, Social Media, Mail or some other medium.
  • Designing a Campaign Fundraising Plan and a budget that won’t leave you in debt.
  • Helping you handle reporters and use newspapers, television and radio interviews to advance your cause.
  • Helping you become a passionate speaker and great debater.

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Your Political Road Map

Presonal Development

The Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace Crash Course for First Time Candidates.

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Political Coaching

Political Coaching

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There are several great ways to work with a Political Consultant

Jay Townsend Political Consultant

Our Political Consulting Services are custom tailored for those who have or are about to throw their hat in the ring—to provide you with the mix of services YOU need... be it crafting a slogan, a message, a fundraising strategy, a budget, advertising strategy, or a free press program.

Our Candidate Personal Development Services are for those who someday want to run for office. I tutor candidates on how to build their resume, network, become involved in their communities, make friends, create a network of potential campaign contributors and look like a leader.

Our Running for Office Services are for candidates running for Governor, U.S. Senate or Congress that require highly specialized services such ad scripting, television and radio production, messaging, fundraising, persuasion mail, and internet advertising. We also an array of services for candidates running for State Senator, State Representative, Mayor, City Council, County Executive or local offices that include help with grass roots campaigns, walk lists, mail lists, persuasion mail, local radio ads and social media.

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