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Game Change

Game Change Obama’s efforts to portray himself a centrist got a setback when the Washington Post revealed that White House operatives were behind the public employee riots in Wisconsin. And the left got a black eye. People like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker were not elected to kick the can down the road. He made no […]

The Politics of Oil

The Politics of Oil Those who lived through the Carter years find them a painful memory of double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates. Carter may not have directly caused the oil shocks that rocked the economy. But they happened on his watch, and he was rightly blamed for what many Americans found to be […]

Iowa and Mitt Romney

Iowa and Mitt Romney The caucuses are a strange animal. They are, first and foremost, a ground operation. And they are expensive. Mail and television may persuade, but it takes troops and highly motivated (and often highly paid) organizers to move even those ideologically committed people off their couches in -20 degree weather to spend […]

What others say

At age 28, I was elected Mayor as a Republican in a very democratic city in a very democratic year. It would not have happened without Jay’s political consulting services, his clear direction and the superb work his did as my political consultant.

John Tkazyik Mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY

The only political consultant in America who has won national awards for his newspaper, television and persuasion mail. A brilliant strategist and tactician who has seen it all and done it at least once.

Mike Collins, Former Press Secretary Republican National Committee

The persuasion mail pieces he did in the 2008 U.S. Senate race were the best ever done by a political consultant in the State of Alaska.

Wally Hickel, Former Governor State of Alaska

We were getting hammered in a TV spot and needed Jay’s political consulting services to craft an answer and deliver a lethal blow to our opponent. The spot Jay crafted was brilliant. It quickly sank the campaign of our opponent and to this day remains one of the most remembered political spots ever aired in the State of Vermont.

Tom Moore, Political Director Jeffords for U.S. Senate Campaign

I’ve have some hard campaigns, and some not so hard campaigns during my many years as the Executive of Campbell County. The one constant has been Jay. No matter the environment, no matter the difficulty of the challenge, he is a political consultant who can easily adapt and construct a unique strategy fitted to the situation. And his mail is superb.

Steve Pendery Campbell County Judge Executive

I’ve seen political consultant Jay Townsend coach complete novices into the Halls of Congress. He loves what he does. He is very good at what he does.

Mike Long Chairman Conservative Party of New York

I was a complete and total unknown when we started the campaign. It was not an easy lift. I was taking on an institution and the entire political establishment. Jay never lost faith in me. He had a steely determination that inspired all of us. I defeated an incumbent in the primary by a 2-1 margin, and won the general election in a landslide. The ads Jay did for me received a national award.

Carl DuBois Sheriff, Orange County, NY

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