Offices I have Helped Candidates Seek

Running for Governor:

The first obligation of a Governor is to manage a budget, keep taxes down and create a climate in which jobs are created that offer decent wages. Since the majority of most state budgets are spent on education and health care, it is usually imperative the candidates offer a proactive program to improve both.

I help candidates articulate their vision, communicate their message in speeches, debates, media appearances, television, radio and to targeted groups through persuasion mail and social media. I also work closely with campaign staffs and managers to keep the campaign focused on tasks that matter, including a realistic fundraising plan, a budget and a ground operation that will carry the day in a tight election.

Running for Senate:

Candidates for U.S. Senate are expected to be conversant in economic policy, tax and trade issues, health care, immigration, foreign policy and social issues. They are also expected to withstand difficult television interviews, white hot debates, and countless press encounters where reporters like to ask gotcha questions.

I help candidates devise a comprehensive campaign advertising strategy with the help of established polltakers, develop a compelling slogan, and craft a press and free media plan that keeps them in the news and on nightly television. My services also include speechwriting, debate coaching, television and radio advertising, social media, the development of a fundraising plan, budget and a ground operation.

Running for Congress:

A race for Congress is like a U.S. Senate race, only on a smaller scale with more interaction with voters and a more intense ground operation. A message that offers and clear and compelling contrast with your opponent and appeals to critical elements of your election day coalition is imperative. And woe to the candidate who is ill prepared to speak of important state or local issues to reporters and local media.

I help candidates for Congress articulate a compelling reason they want the job, develop an affordable advertising program that may include television, radio, and most certainly will include persuasion mail, social media, and highly targeted advertising. I also help Congressional staffs manage the candidate’s time, develop finely tuned volunteer and ground game operations, and develop fundraising plans and budgets that keep campaigns out of debt and bills paid.

Running for State Legislature.

The message and slogan of a candidate for State Senator or State Representative is a product of the district’s demographics, the age, income, education level, partisan affiliation, ideological leanings of the electorate and political environment. Using an adroit analysis of hard data, I help candidates develop a profile of persuadable voters, and target their advertising and ground operations accordingly—using sophisticated walk lists, internet ads, persuasion mail, local newspapers, and endorsements to help them assemble and turn out a victorious election day coalition.

Running for Mayor.

Races for Mayor are usually debates about who can best pick up garbage, keep streets and sidewalks clean, parks and playgrounds well kept, neighborhoods safe, zoning rules enforced and the quality of life preserved or improved. More than any other political office in the land, Mayors affect the way people live, their property values and quality of life. I help candidates in both large and small cities develop their campaign message, assemble a coalition of civic and community leaders willing to support their campaign, raise money, develop an advertising campaign that fits their budget and micro-target sections of the electorate and neighborhoods with tailored messages that enhance their appeal.

Running for Local Office.

Whether you are running for County Executive, Sheriff, Town Supervisor, City Council or School Board…there are certain elements to your campaign common to all campaigns. I help candidates for local office develop a campaign strategy, conduct opposition research, construct a compelling slogan, target likely voters and reach them through an adroit combination of cable television, radio, persuasion mail, internet ads, social media and local newspapers—based upon a hard budget and fundraising plan that funds it.