A Political Campaign Budget is Imperative…Unless You Like Big Stacks of Unpaid Bills on Your Kitchen Table with No Idea How to Pay Them.

A Campaign Budget should include everything that costs money. What are you going to spend on overhead—staff, headquarters, rent, utilities, computers, volunteers, field offices, postage, websites, copy machines, volunteers and supplies? What are you going to spend on advertising—tv time, radio time, production costs, persuasion mail, social media, facebook ads, mailing lists, good photos, palm cards, posters, yard signs, consultants, robo calls, newspaper and internet ads?

All good campaigns have a campaign budget. I help candidates construct a well-researched and detailed campaign budget plan that keeps campaigns in the black… budgets don’t leave candidates and campaigns with a mountain of debt when the campaign ends.

Would you like help developing a campaign budget? Call me. Jay Townsend (845) 458-1210

You can also watch this free video on how to construct a Campaign Budget: