Running for Congress? Do this first.

Candidates running for Congress quickly learn that it is like a Senate race on a smaller scale with a more intense ground operation. Like Senate candidates, those running for Congress in competitive districts need to be knowledgeable and well informed on issues of our time, including health care, nuclear treaties, the tax code, trade, foreign policy, entitlements, immigration, social issues, pay equity as well as local issues in their district. Like Senate candidates, those running for Congress must handle difficult reporters, perform well in television and radio interviews, debate on live television and withstand repeated assaults that inevitably come from bloggers, reporters and negative ads funded by Super-PACS.

The first imperative for anyone running for Congress is to be well-briefed and prepared to handle the media, for one mistake in the initial stage can sink the campaign of a candidate running for Congress before it gets off the ground.
I also work with candidates running for Congress and their staffs to create a compelling message that offers a clear contrast with their opponent and/or a memorable and emotional appeal that voters will easily remember. My services also include but are not limited to developing fundraising plans, campaign budgets, an advertising strategy, ad scripting, website copy, opposition research, targeted door to door campaigns as well as speech writing and debate coaching.

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Free Video: Message Execution, includes ads I have produced for candidates running for Congress.