Running for Governor? See if you are ready.

Candidates running for Governor are expected to be conversant about the state budget, economic development, health care, taxes, crime rates, major employers, wage rates, education and local issues. Planning one… sizing up the competition, formulating a budget, devising a fundraising plan, message, slogan, advertising and free press strategy… is the first step for anyone running for Governor. That is what I initially do for candidates running for Governor.

I help candidates develop their message, rationale, articulate their vision, communicate their message in speeches, debates, media appearances, television and radio interviews. Usually I work very closely with the polltaker and television production team to ensure that the electronic advertising is compelling, substantive, persuasive, memorable…ads that deliver have an emotional appeal to voters. I also work closely with campaign staffs and managers to keep the campaign train running on time…the candidate in the news, well-informed, rested, well-managed. Priority is given to making sure the budget covers and properly funds essential components of the paid advertising strategy, that the campaign has a fundraising plan that keeps the bills paid, and that micro-targeting efforts, social media and internet ad campaigns are properly prosecuted.

If you are running for Governor and would like to chat, Call me. Jay Townsend (845) 458-1210

Free Video: Message Execution, includes ads I have produced for candidates running for Governor.