Running for Mayor? Essential first steps.

Running for Mayor in a small city is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood effort of elbow grease and shoe leather. In a large city it is the same but communicated less by face to face contact and more through conventional television, radio and persuasion mail advertising.

Regardless of the size of a city — most people want to know what a candidate running for Mayor will do to protect or improve their quality of life. Good candidates running for Mayor can easily talk about how to improve streets, sidewalks, playgrounds, parks, public safety, and neighborhoods.

While the dialogue may be different than a race for Governor or Congress, the basics of a campaign are the same. Those running for Mayor need a campaign plan, a fundraising plan, a well-researched budget, a central message and slogan, a good website, and a neighborhood-by-neighborhood micro-targeting effort that includes campaign appearances, persuasion mail, literature drops, social media and internet advertising.

I help candidates running for Mayor do all of the above.

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