Running for Senate? See if you are ready.

Running for Senate

Candidates running for Senate must be able to talk knowledgeably about taxes, trade, health care, war, foreign policy, immigration, defense, entitlements and controversial social issues. And because those running for Senate are seeking an immensely important office, they are usually subjected to merciless scrutiny by the media, and must master the art of television and radio interviews, press conferences, and debates on live television. The landscaped is littered with defeated candidates running for Senate who lost because they didn’t or couldn’t.

As a consultant to candidates running for Senate, my first job is making sure they are prepared before they step outside their front door.

I also work with candidates and their staff to create a comprehensive advertising strategy, free press program, opposition research effort, and usually work with the polltaker and television production team to ensure that the ads have an adequate measure of passion and an emotional connection with voters. These services include, but are not limited to speechwriting, debate coaching, television and radio advertising, social media, the development of a fundraising plan, budget, a ground operation…and perhaps most important, keeping the candidate well-rested, well-informed, at the top of their game so that stupid mistakes don’t upend the campaign.

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Free Video: Message Execution, includes ads I have produced for candidates running for Senate.