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The Better Angels of the Human Spirit

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Jay’s keynotes weave inspirational stories of heroes who have changed the course of human history; stories that touch and inspire others to discover their own special talents and capacity to change the course of their community, city, state or country.

Other Popular Keynotes

The Unscaled Mountain

You see it every morning. You are reminded of it every day. That mountain you know you should climb, but won’t because it’s scary, risky, cold, hard, unknown, expensive and way outside your comfort zone. And every day that you don’t take a step up that mountain comes the haunting reminder that you are not fully living the only life you will ever have.

There’s a voice in your head telling you that you can be better. A whisper in the night that says you can have more, achieve more, make a bigger and better difference than you already have. It’s the demon that taunts you…reminding you that you are not fully living or sharing your talent because you fear the unknown.

In this compelling keynote, Jay urges audience members – to embrace fear, make it your ally and answer the voice inside begging you to shine. He’ll show you how to shed the burden of guilt about what you have not done, embrace a new journey and fully live the abundant life in front of you – the life with your name on it!

Made of Steel

They care not about the timid souls who neither know much nor suffer much. They have an idea, a passion, a zeal to live the reason they were born, to change their city, community, or perhaps even their country or the world. Made of Steel describes people who are contagious, charismatic and who face every challenge with enormous courage. You will also be made of steel if you embrace your passion and advance the cause you were born to serve.

In his strong challenge and call to action, Jay shares a simple yet life-altering game plan that will make winning a habit, and add zest, focus, clarity and purpose to your life. It’s a game plan that will turn you into a charismatic self-made leader who naturally inspires others.


Workshops and Seminars

Jay Townsend is available to conduct half-day, day-long and two-day seminars and workshops for smart, passionate candidates who want to run for office, win an election and make a difference. For more information call 845-458-1210 or email 

About Jay Townsend

Jay Townsend has spoken at the U.S. Military Academy, the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, the National Speakers Association, scores of political gatherings, colleges, and foundations.

He has worked as a consultant and speechwriter in four Presidential campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial, Mayoral, Judicial and legislative races during his 30 year career as a political consultant. 

He has thrice won national awards for his political advertising work–Best Television commercial produced for a gubernatorial candidate; Best Persuasion Mail produced in a Presidential Campaign; and Best Newspaper Ad produced in a political campaign.

What People Are Saying

“Stunning, dignified, humble, passionate, stirring. An elegant craftsman of language, and a remarkable command and presence as a speaker. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Dana Rubin, Founder and Director
The New York Speechwriter’s Roundtable

“His stories have stayed with me since first hearing him. A remarkable speaker who quickly had me in the palm of his hand as he took me on a visual and emotional journey.” 

Karen Jacobsen, Keynote Speaker, The GPS Girl

“Hearing Jay speak is a journey. He takes you places. He paints pictures with words. He makes you think. He changes the way people feel. His eloquent stories always have a purpose—to make and illustrate a neatly packaged point that people remember.” 

Ken Bonnaffons, Professor of Speech and Drama, Bergen College 

“His stories stay with you. The power of his words endure. A master at training political candidates. He has spoken here. Done workshops here.  He will be invited again.”

Nick Langworthy, Chairman, Erie County Republican Committee

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