If you are planning on running for office as a democrat anytime soon, you will be tempted, if not encouraged, to turn your campaign into a vulgar anti-Trump crusade to win an election.

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Yes, his approval rating is under water. Yes, his tweets are juvenile and truculent. Yes, in the 8 months since the last election, the Republican Congress has done little, and what it has done is very unpopular.

The special elections of 2017, however, doesn’t suggest that spewing hate at Donald Trump is a winning campaign strategy. In four districts this year, special elections have been held to fill a Congressional seat recently vacated by a Republican. The democratic candidates were easily defeated in all four.

In the most recent race in Georgia, the democratic candidate spent more than $25 million, and ran only 1 point better than Hillary Clinton, who lost the district to Trump last November. After going 0-4, democratic candidates might consider trying a different strategy.

Instead of telling voters why they should hate, democratic candidates would be better off telling voters what they stand for, what they are going to do, and how they are going to do it.

How to fix a tax code that screws the middle class. How to fix a health care system without denying sick people insurance. How to help college graduates whose degree left them $200,000 in debt. How to fully assimilate recent immigrants into the American culture, and protect our borders. How to help people who struggle with those 25% interest rates on their credit cards.

A lot of voters are looking for a new ideas, a new direction, and a new course. They will quickly gravitate to candidates who offer one. That is a fact.

And so is this. There is nothing endearing about candidates who spew hate, even if it is directed at a President who tweets it.

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