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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both prevaricated in their campaign. Most politicians do. But some campaign lies are worse than others. In this video, why the campaign lies Hillary Clinton told helped sink her campaign.

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Bill Clinton survived lies about sex because his favorite pastime did not affect the daily lives of the American people. And adults routinely lie about the same subject.

When Donald Trump lied about how much he made, or had in the bank, or how many Caucasians are annually killed by African-Americans, it didn’t strike many as an immediate disqualification from office.

Mrs. Clinton lied about the email accounts she used while Secretary of State.  Lied when she said that no classified information was ever sent from her personal email account. Lied when she said she gave authorities copies of all her work related emails. Lied when she said she had State Department approval to do what she did. In the eyes of many, it was a disqualification.

And once she started lying, she never stopped.

Lesson for candidates running for office? Life will be easier if you don’t lie. If you get caught in a big lie, come clean. Apologize. Take your medicine, do your mea-culpa, hold your press conference, admit your mistake, and answer questions until the press has run out of questions. Voters will forgive mistakes and stupidity. They are unforgiving of a pathological liar who won’t stop.

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