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Heroes and villains in the Civil War within the Republican party, and what it portends for democracy and American self-rule.

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It is ironic that the Republican party founded by Abraham Lincoln to preserve the union is now a party whose leaders are calling for its dissolution.

Yet here we are. Minutes after the Supreme Court refused to hear a suit filed by the State of Texas demanding the election of 2020 be overturned, The Republican Party Chairman of Texas said the aggrieved should form a new union.

The lawsuit filed by Texas was supported by 17 Republican State Attorneys General and 126 Republican members of Congress.

This band of Republican lawmakers asked the Supreme Court to overturn an election President-elect Biden won by 7 million votes because they didn’t like the outcome. Despite 55 lawsuits alleging fraud, malfeasance, rigged votes, rigged machines, mystery mail ballots, no judges, republican or democrat, found proof of anything other than a well-run election.

The Republican party has now lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. It is a party in desperate need of new ideas, a new agenda, a 21st century vision for the country. It will not survive as a personality cult bent on undermining democratic rule.

There are some unsung heroes, many of them Republicans, who deserve credit for thwarting this assault on democracy.

They are the elected Republicans who took seriously their oath to the constitution and shunned the attempt to subvert it. They are the Republican election workers, who faithfully counted the votes, dutifully certified the winner, even in jurisdictions where their preferred candidate fell short. They are the Judges, including Republicans appointed by President Trump, who abided the rule of law over edicts tweeted from the White House. They are the Republican Governors in States Biden won, who certified the election result despite death threats and gun-toting mobs on their front lawn. They have paid a high price to preserve our democracy. Some will long fear for their own safety. Some will find their careers destroyed.

Those who run for and hold public office sometimes face gut-wrenching decisions. Forced to choose between right and wrong, good and evil, doing what is right by country rather than abiding a bully who demands fidelity only to power. We are the country we are because generations of office holders have been willing to risk their careers to preserve it.

The past few months have been a sad chapter for a country used to overcoming adversity.

Through it all, depressions, recessions, a civil war, two world wars fought to defend freedom and democratic rule, we have remained a beacon for those who yearn to live free. We have, by and large, served as an example of what nations can achieve through freedom and self-rule. The world will miss us if we lose what so many have died to preserve.

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