Invective and incivility have become common in political campaigns. In this video, how to handle it if it comes your way.

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In the 1998 mid-term elections the Republican Party banked its entire strategy on one message: Impeaching President Bill Clinton for lying about sex. There was data suggesting it was a sound political campaign strategy. The country was disgusted. Clinton had demeaned the office. His personal approval rating was in the toilet.

The political campaign strategy was a complete flop. Republicans lost seats in a year when they should have won seats. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the man who engineered the strategy, was forced to resign.

They learned a hard lesson. The sexual habits of a President are irrelevant to the daily lives of most voters. Wall to wall coverage of the subject on talk TV doesn’t mean voters care. By wrapping their message around a subject voters found disgusting, Republicans made themselves disgusting.

It is tempting for many democrats this year to turn their political campaign into an anti-Trump diatribe, to respond to insults with insults, to emulate the snarky, petty, juvenile antics of a President many in the country find disgusting.

Here is some truth for democrats. Voters who are disgusted with the President are already going to vote for you. You don’t need to wallow in a snake pit to get them.

Elevate the conversation. Rise above the hate. Talk about things that matter to voters. Tell them how you’ll solve a problem, advance a cause, improve their quality of life. Voters do reward candidates who do that, and Democrats who do that in 2018 political campaign stand a much better chance of winning an election.

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