Why some candidates are failing to connect with voters who will decide their fate, and where you can get help with your campaign message.

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To voters in pain, who started the Covid 19 pandemic is irrelevant blather. Some candidates are failing to connect with voters with their campaign message. Here is a story I would like to share with you:

I once knew a professional firefighter, who shared a story about his weirdest fire call. Trucks had arrived at a very large house. One of the upstairs bedrooms in the back of the house was on fire. When the firemen asked which staircase led to the fire, the owner wasted precious minutes ranting about why his careless wife was to blame, and how the fire was all her fault.

Seeing the social media campaign message posts of some candidates reminds me of that story. Instead of talking about how to get people help they need, or testing kits to businesses that want to open, or getting those promised checks to small business owners, they instead rant about who is to blame for the coronavirus.

Until the fire is out, who started the Covid 19 pandemic is irrelevant to many. Right now the principal concerns of most voters is their health and economic security. How they’re going to buy groceries, pay the credit card bill, the mortgage, the rent or medical bills if they get sick. When they can go back to work, and do so absent fear of getting sick.

To voters in pain, to voters who fear running out of food or money to buy it, the blame game is irrelevant blather.

And this is a fundamental truth for all candidates and their campaign message. If you are spouting rhetoric irrelevant to voters in pain, you will be irrelevant to them.

A lot of candidates running this year are struggling with their campaign message, or searching for ways to hit just the right chord with voters who will decide their fate.

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Dr. Martin Luther King had been assassinated. Within hours, civil unrest had spread to every major city in the country. Burning. Looting. Rioting. Violence everywhere. Protesters assaulting police. Police beating protesters.

Senator Robert Kennedy happened to be in the City of Indianapolis that evening. He was asked by the Mayor to remain in his hotel room, telling Kennedy that the police could not guarantee his safety. Kennedy instead instructed his aides to take him to what was then the ghetto of Indianapolis. He mounted the back of a flatbed truck, and gave the speech you are about to hear.

Because of that speech, there was no violence in Indianapolis that night, the only major city in America where there was none.

To watch it is to see the raw power of words, a speech that forever altered the course of a city, and a shining example of leadership in a troubled time. May it inspire you to help heal a nation in pain.

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