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Today, part 3 on how to develop that perfect campaign slogan that is just right for you when running for office.

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I’ve mentioned in previous videos that it is determined by four things:

  1. The political environment.
  2. The office you are running for and what you’ll do with it.
  3. The person you are running against.
  4. The slice of the electorate that you must win in order to prevail over your opponent.

If you face a well-known incumbent, or someone with some well-known flaws, your slogan can be used to capitalize on the weaknesses of the incumbent when running for office. Any message that offers an easily understood and compelling contrast with the person you are running against makes the choice easier for the voters.

Some examples:

Not long ago, I developed a slogan for someone running for Judge. This particular court decided the fate of criminal defendants in a crime ridden suburban county. He was a well known prosecutor used to handling criminal cases. His opponent was a civic rights attorney who had never handled a criminal case. Our slogan? “He’s been a great Prosecutor. He’ll make a great Judge.” It worked because my client had never lost a case, and his opponent had no experience handling felony criminal cases.

Another client of mine once challenged a young man in a race for State Assembly. Our slogan? “Father. Husband. Small business owner. Taxpayer. Job Creator.” It worked, and struck a chord with voters because his opponent had never been married, never created a job, never raised a child, never held a real job or paid a property tax bill.

“Unbought. Unbossed. Nobody’s Mayor but Yours.” Worked well in a race for Mayor for the independent minded female running, because she was running against two men, one of whom was favored by the developers, the other the favored candidate of the political bosses.

In a seven-way Congressional race I once worked for the only woman running against six men. Their issue positions were similar and all had good resumes. Our slogan. “If you think all the candidates sound the same, you haven’t heard Sue Kelly.”  It was an easy and non-offensive way to remind voters that she was the only female running. She won easily and served 12 years in Congress.

Will a contrast slogan work for you? Take out a sheet of paper and list all the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. Now do the same for yourself. Are there compelling differences in your biography? Are there compelling differences in your values or moral principles? Or issue positions? Or in what you hope to do for the people you represent, or the demographic slice of the electorate you are targeting? If so, can you put those differences in a short set of words that are easily remembered…words that make the differences clear and compelling? If you can, use it. Contrast slogans cut to the chase, and make the choice very easy for voters.

We’ll be covering this in greater detail in the online course I am developing, and I’ll be giving you a special worksheet that will make this process very easy.

In the meantime, if you have questions, Call me at 845-458-1210. Or email me at Jay@JayTownsend.com.  

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