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Every candidate running for office, who has ever gone through a competitive campaign, has had to climb out of a hole, and recover from a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad month. Today, a quick lesson on how to do that, the first in a series.

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In order to get out of a hole you must first ask yourself how you got there. Is it because you lied? Did you say or do something stupid? Did you take an illegal campaign contribution? Did your opponent hit you with a vicious attack?

Today’s example comes courtesy of Donald Trump.

In August, Mr. Trump found himself in a deep hole…eight points behind Mrs. Clinton and trailing in every one of the battle ground states.

He was in a hole because of stupid things he said and did. Attacking republicans who refused to support him. Attacking the father of a slain soldier. Claiming that President Obama founded ISIS. Tweeting insults at people he didn’t like in the middle of the night.

How did he get out of it? He stopped doing things that detracted from his central message. He brought in a new team of advisors. He became a more disciplined candidate. And instead of picking fights that were beneath his dignity, he focused his rhetoric on Mrs. Clinton.

In short, he stopped saying things that made voters question his sanity, and started raising questions about Mrs. Clinton’s veracity. Mr. Trump now enjoys a two point lead.

Next week, we’ll talk about how Mrs. Clinton got into the hole she’s in, and what she needs to do to get herself out.  If you are running for office, or plan to run for office someday, be sure to watch next week’s video.

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