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The past 10 weeks spawned uncontrolled rage about who gets what from democratic rule. How to run for office in a time of turmoil.

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Events of the past two weeks have made clear that not all Americans believe in democratic rule. There are millions not interested in civil discourse, or the peaceful transfer of power. Nor are they interested in advancing democracy’s cause if such requires they abide an election they lost.

They are well represented by the sedition caucus in Congress. The insurrectionists will not go quietly into the night, but neither are they the majority who want to preserve the Republic and the American Empire.

In a time of chaos, Americans inevitably turn not to the screamers or the bellicose, but to the reasoned, the dispassionate, those who resolutely strive to lead and speak truth, even when truth is hard.

For Democrat office holders, your time in the sun is an opportunity to prove the Democratic Party can govern. To ease the pain inflicted by Covid-19, to vaccinate a country, provide a hand up to Americans who’ve lost their jobs, savings and health care. To fix an economy and heal a nation. Do that well and your majority will grow.

For Republicans who hold office, it falls to you to navigate your party out of its civil war, to excise the white supremacists, QAnon kooks and their apologists from your tent. The Republican Party will not survive if they are allowed to become the face of your brand.

To those who hope to run for office, republican and democrat, it is time to move past the politics of raw meat grievance. To talk about what you are for instead of spewing venom at those you don’t like. To offer ideas that lift the lower and middle class, a path to capitalism’s bounty for those stuck on the low rungs of the economic ladder, to speak of the promise of what we can be, to repair our standing in a world that needs for America to be strong.

The damage done to our Republic the past four years will not be repaired in the next two. It will take years to rebuild faith in democratic rule.

Half the U.S. Senate and a third of Congress are over the age of 65. The sun will soon set on their time, and a new generation will be called to lead.

Eighty years ago, a generation of young Americans were summoned to preserve democracy in a distant and foreign land. To the coming generation shall fall the burden of preserving it between our shores and on our soil.

The American Empire that has lifted more out of poverty, freed more from the yoke of bondage, and done more to advance the cause of freedom than any nation on earth. The world will miss us if we squander what so many died to preserve.

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