This Module is about spreading your campaign message through social media, internet ads, telephone calls, yard signs and volunteers when running for office. All of these tools are very important to what we call your ground game. In a competitive election the winner is always the one with a better ground operation.

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In lesson 1, we discuss social media, and talk about the platforms commonly used by political candidates running for office. You’ll learn why candidates use several forms of social media, which are best for various segments of the population, and the unique culture of the common social media platforms so that you better understand which ones are best for your campaign.

In lesson 2, we discuss internet ads. Simply stated, they are a great way to engage an individual voter, a great place to say something that gets their attention, propel them to visit your website and share their email address. Four years ago internet ads were a little understood luxury. Within five years, as technology improves and costs come down, everybody will be using them. Within a generation, they will supplant television as the biggest budget item in most campaigns.

In lesson 3, we talk about the best ways to use telephones. Some say they are a dying technology, given the plethora of new tools for communicating in the marketplace. But they are still one of the quickest and cheapest ways to reach individual voters with an important message. Robo calling technology makes them easy to use, and they are sometimes the only way to quickly deliver an important message directly into a voter’s ear.

Lesson 4 is about Yard Signs. There is a reason they are common in both rural and suburban areas. They work, they have an impact, and they are a great way to increase name recognition. Properly done, they are also a great way to convey a message. There is an art and science to making yard signs work well, which I’ll share in this lesson.

In lesson 5, we’ll talk about volunteers. You cannot have a good ground operation without them. In this lesson we’ll discuss ways to recruit them, keep them, efficiently use them, and keep them coming back to pass out your literature, make your phone calls, knock on doors, and recruit their friends to help advance your cause.

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