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Running for office of the Presidency, should victory visit Hillary Clinton’s door it shall not come bearing a mandate for a grand new vision or bold new policy direction.

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History will simply note that voters found her less objectionable than her opponent. Having stuck with her, the Bernie Sanders wing of the democratic party will want its due. And it will be difficult for Mrs. Clinton to make them happy. They are a populist bunch, hell bent on massive redistribution of wealth, and not interested in fighting new wars in the middle east, or another cold war with Russia.

Clinton cannot please the Sanders wing without alienating those on Wall Street that helped pay her  bills. She cannot pay for the Sanders wing wish list without breaking her “no-new-taxes” promise to the middle class.

The Republican Party has already cracked. The evangelical wing has lost its moral compass and shed its credibility as the arbiter of the good and the holy.

The establishment Wing and their neocon allies are already exiting the Republican tent. The blue collar, working class wing that has been a reliable Republican voting block may soon be looking for a new tent.

The wings of the Republican coalition are so deeply divided on entitlements, trade, immigration, when and where to fight wars, that even a Trump victory will not again unite them.

This election has laid raw the stark divisions inside the American Political parties. A change and a realignment is inevitable.

What has not, and will not change is this:

An entire generation of Americans have been left behind by our current political parties; their piece of the American dream denied. They will soon be looking for someone willing to speak for them.

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