In last week’s video I shared TV interview tips part II: What to do the day before and the day of the interview, how to dress, and quickly get the attention of the audience.

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We’ll start with the way you sit. Look at your host, not the TV camera. Cross your legs toward the host, not away from the host. To do otherwise makes you look rude.

Do not sit back in your chair. That makes you look disinterested. Lead forward toward the host. That makes you look engaged and interesting.

Running for Office? TV Interview Tips III: Body Language

Do not point when making a point. That makes you look threatening. If you have a point to make hold your fingers together.

Gestures are great, but keep them close to your body. Avoid looking like you are having an argument. Better to gesture with your palms up.

Do not put your hands in front of your face. That is distracting. Keep your hands at or below chest level.

When you smile, smile with your eyes. It makes you more likeable.

Do not bounce your knee or twiddle with your fingers during the interview. That will make you look nervous and unsure of yourself. Audiences like confidence.

If you are asked an off-topic question, remember that it looks impolite, rude and evasive to completely disregard the question. Give a quick answer and spin it back to the topic you are there to discuss.

For example, if you are talking about immigration and your host asks about your position on Common Core, you might respond by saying that all children would receive a better educational opportunity if your immigration proposal became law, then specifically say how.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of videos on TV interview tips.

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