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In a previous video we discussed ways a candidate, running for office, going through a difficult time could crawl out of a hole, and I used Donald Trump as an example…how he overcame a polling slump by becoming a more disciplined candidate with a sharper message In this video, I’ll talk about how Mrs. Clinton used a debate to crawl out of a hole she was in.

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Ten days ago Mrs. Clinton was on the defensive…facing a relentless string of bad stories about her emails, her health, and her veracity.

The stories after Monday’s debate were very different…they focused not on Mrs. Clinton, but on Donald Trump’s issues with women, his bankruptcies, his refusal to release his tax returns, his birther crusade…all because of a dialogue that took place during a 90 minute debate.

Mrs. Clinton used the debate to needle Mr. Trump, get under his skin and put him on the defensive. And she so flummoxed Mr. Trump that he missed several opportunities to bring up the Clinton email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, Mrs. Clinton’s proximity to Wall Street money, and Benghazi.

Therein lies the lesson for anyone running for office, or planning to run for office in the future. If you are in a hole, or going through a difficult time during a campaign…debates are always an excellent opportunity to change the narrative…if you meticulously prepare, carefully plan your attacks, seize your opportunities, and deftly exploit the vulnerabilities of your opponent.

Next week, we’ll talk about another way to crawl out of a hole, by offering voters something so compelling that they ignore your faults.

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