We’ve been talking about the many ways of communicating and disseminating your message. Today we’ll discuss radio ads.

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As a political consultant, I love radio, because unlike TV, I get 60 seconds to say something instead of 30. I can use it to supplement a mail or television message. I can go after an opponent who has done or said something stupid without spilling blood on a television screen.

I can use it to convey information that won’t fit into a TV spot about a candidate’s qualifications, their values, issue positions, or the character and qualifications of the opponent.

I can easily target radio–morning and evening drive, news junkies who listen to talk radio, country, easy listening. And compared to television it’s cheap.

What makes a good radio spot? Spots that inform and entertain. Spots that trigger pictures in the recesses of the human mind with sound effects, Spots that put you inside an imaginary conversation between two people, spots that evoke one of the seven human emotions… Anger. Sadness. Happiness. Fear. Surprise. Disgust. Contempt.

What are the rules of good radio?

Make sure you comply with the disclaimer rules to ensure that your spots are not rejected by the stations. Don’t be boring. Use professional voice talent, and a good editor who can add sound effects, music or sounds that take the listener from the seat of their car to a different place.

Today some examples. The first is a spot I once did for a little known housewife who was running against the son of a Congressman with a famous name.

Example One:


Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.


And another that I did in a referendum…the owner of a shopping mall wanted permission to lease some vacant space in their shopping center

There are just a couple examples of how to produce and air radio spots that inform, entertain, and move votes.

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