The use of telephones is a dying technology, so why do I even mention them as a means of communicating your message? Because they are not dead yet, and it is one of the cheapest ways to move a message in a very short period of time.

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Using Telephone to Spread Your Message:

It is getting more difficult because voters are losing their land lines, and nearly all who still have them screen their calls. It is also becoming more difficult to get people to candidly admit their opinions and attitudes about candidates in a short phone call.

And those with mobile phones regard them as highly personal, and don’t always welcome an intrusion from an unknown caller.

All this said, I still often use robocalls. They are cheap and quickly done. Sometimes they are the only way for low budget campaigns to move a message, or the only way to respond to a last minute hit leveled by an opponent.

What makes them work? Make sure you have an up-do-date phone list, which you can buy from a reputable list and phone vendor. Keep your call to under 45 seconds. To make it interesting, I often use the voice of a local celebrity, or professional voice talent. I have even used sound effects. If you are using a simple script for a candidate or surrogate, make sure you record the call from a land line.

What about cell phones? Ninety per cent of the American people now have them. And federal regulations prevent phone vendors from robocalling cell numbers. You can however, make a live call to a mobile number.

When you reach someone on their cell phone, and they are willing to talk, this is what you want…permission to call again, and permission to send them text messages. Why? Because you can then send them links to videos, links to mail and printed material, and invite them to share it with their friends.

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What do you do if you can’t get people in your target audience to answer their cell phones? Get them to call or text you by offering a free bumper sticker, poster, or advance notice of an important event or announcement. In 2008, candidate Obama offered people who texted him advance notice of his Vice-Presidential choice. Thousands eagerly shared their phone number.

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How to win an election:

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