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The message part of your campaign has five components: your rationale, your story, your values, your issue positions, and what you say about your opponent.

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Last week I explained why and how to tell your story.

Today we’ll talk about ways to communicate your values. What are values? They are your fundamental beliefs and convictions. Your passions. The unwavering principles that make you who you are, the prism through which you will make decisions that affect the everyday lives of your constituents.

Why communicate your values? Voters are smart enough to know that you will have to make difficult decisions on their behalf. Communicating your values lets them know they can trust you to do that. If you don’t think that’s important, study the campaign of Mitt Romney.

How do you communicate your values? Words. Pictures. Symbols. And what you choose to highlight about your biography.

A picture of you staffing a soup kitchen says that you care about poor people. A mother that puts a picture of her husband and six children on a campaign flyer is making a statement about what matters to her. A picture of you thanking veterans for their service says you honor their sacrifice. A visit to a classroom and a photo op reading books to young children says that you believe in education. Putting a flag on the lapel of your suit sends a message about your patriotism. A picture of you helping with a food drive in a church suggests that you believe there is a creator and that you support the philanthropic mission of religious institutions.

Want to let working men and women know that they are important to you? Visit the assembly line in a factory, or host a town hall meeting with factory workers. A picture of you going door to door says that you care about what people think.

Failing to communicate your values leaves a void in the minds of voters and gives your opponent an opportunity to paint you as out of touch. Once that happens, it’s hard to get your campaign back on track.

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