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If you are running for office or plan to run for office some day, you’d best learn how to speak with voters whose lives have been upended by technology, trade and globalization.

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If you have wondered why we have gone through several hard fought, cliffhanger elections the past 25 years, take a look at your smart phone.

It is symbolic of the technological revolution. It has changed the way we communicate, do our business, live our lives, make and sell goods, and where we get our news. That device created a whole new crop of millionaires, and billionaires.

It has also cost a lot of people their jobs. And therefore roiled our politics. Like the agricultural and industrial revolution, it created a big new crop of have nots. Technology, trade, and globalization turned their world upside down and they lost their seat at the dining table.

Many of the counties carried by Mr. Trump were also carried by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who, like Mr. Trump, promised change and hope for the disaffected. They will continue voting for change until their wages rise and they reclaim their seat at prosperity’s table.

Understanding what happened in this election is that simple.

And so is this. If you are running for office, or plan to run for office some day, you’d best learn how to do something Mrs. Clinton could not. Speak to those who lost their seat at the dinner table. Spend time with them. Listen more than you speak.

They too want their kids to go to college. To scale the rungs of the economic ladder. And the dignity that comes with a paycheck that pays a living wage. Candidates who learn how to do what Mrs. Clinton did not are going to win a lot of elections.

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