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What will come after this election? The mammoth challenges that will land in the lap of the next generation, and what it will take to preserve the Republic.

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It has become cliché to declare a Presidential election the most important in history. What comes after this election is equally important if not more so.

This is not a commentary on President Trump or Vice-President Biden. It’s about the mammoth challenges America and the next generation will face, for neither of our Presidential candidates running in this year’s election can solve them all.

For the first time since the Cold War, we live in a two-superpower world. By some measures, China already has a larger economy. By all measures, it has a larger Navy. It is expanding its reach and influence while we retreat, and building a world class military to enforce its edicts.

China is not our friend. Their repressive culture and authoritarian rule is not compatible with ours. Never will it be.

Conflict is inevitable. America will need to make new friends, and forge new alliances, for it is folly to believe America, and America alone can contain China’s ambitions.

Neither of the Presidential candidates in this year”s election have discussed the real problem with American health care. Americans spend twice as much on health care as other developed countries. We lag behind other countries in life expectancy, infant mortality, and early death by heart disease. As premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed, the Affordable Care Act has become an oxymoron. Putting the price of health care out of reach to many, even healthy, middle class families.

Entitlements now consume 70% of the federal budget. Each day, another 10,000 baby boomers retire, with the expectation that they will receive a social security check and Medicare as long as they shall live. Both programs will soon run out of money absent a tax increase or massive infusion of money from somewhere.

Demographically, America is becoming a different country. We will soon be a country where the number of white people is outnumbered by those of color. Inevitably, there will be tension as white lawmakers are replaced by people of color, and as lawmakers born 80 years ago are replaced with people half their age.

The next generation will be bringing new concerns and new agendas to the table. All of this, on top of navigating our way out of the covid calamity.

Neither of our Presidential candidates running in this election, or the baby boom class of lawmakers are going to fix these problems or meet all of these challenges during the next four years. They will land in the lap of the next generation. To it shall fall the task of preserving this great Republic, and keeping it the beacon of freedom it has been during the last 100 years.

Leadership skills will be in great demand.

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