Answer: Your body language starts the conversation long before you utter a single word.

Those who read my posts know that I place a great deal of importance on how candidates for public office present themselves. Because it matters. Especially their body language and the way they look.


Traci Brown. Body Language Expert

I commend to you a new book by a colleague and friend, body language expert Traci Brown, one of the country’s foremost experts on the subject.

In fact, Traci and I will be co-presenting this summer at the National Speakers Association Convention; a strategic work session on how to “Enhance Your TV Star Power with Authority, Authenticity and Body Language.”

You won’t need to go to the convention to benefit from Traci’s expertise on body language. Today you can buy her book, Persuasion Point. It is available now on Amazon at

The book teaches you how to use your body language and words to elegantly persuade and influence—and get what you want more easily and more often, whether it is an interview, networking, negotiations, sales or stubborn kids at home.

Traci is offering you a special bonus if you buy the book today… three months access to her online video library. You’ll learn how to get a first class upgrade, make a return without a receipt, deal with adversarial people, make money and save time. There are 40+ short videos in her library.

PLUS a Special Bonus: Her in-car guide for how to talk your way out of a traffic ticket when you get pulled over by that friendly police person. (her advice has helped hundreds get out of tickets).

All you have to do is buy your copy of Persuasion Point today. Once you have purchased the book, forward the receipt to Traci— and you’ll receive an email with your log in info to access her video library.


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