There are 7 different ways candidates raise money in a political campaign, including the adroit use of Social Media, Emails and Internet Ads. Today, some words on what it takes to make it work, how it is done, and where you can find firms that do it.

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There are various methods candidates can use to raise money.

They include the following:

1. Candidate Solicitation
2. Surrogate Solicitation
3. Direct Mail
4. Social Media/E-Mail/Internet Ads
5. Cocktail Parties
6. Dinner Parties
7. Large and Celebrity Events

Today, we’ll discuss the fourth one. Social Media. E-mail. Internet ads.

In his 2016 Presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders raised more than 200 million dollars. And most of it came from small donors who responded to his email appeals. His haul from small donors was more than twice what Hillary Clinton raised.

This is what made it work.

Sanders had a unique, and to many voters, a very compelling message.

He used his social media platforms to drive people to his website—and made it easy for visitors to share their email address. On his website he made it easy for people to volunteer and contribute to his campaign by putting the donate button on every page.

He repeatedly asked those who shared their email address for money, often for as little as a dollar. He updated his donors constantly on news about the campaign. His emails were well written and rich with graphics and photos.

When people contributed, he invited them to ask their friends to do the same.

He stayed in the news, and used the news coverage and high profile endorsements to enhance his credibility and validate his message.

That is how you raise money on-line.

Doing it well can be a challenge for small campaigns, or first time candidates, but there are several companies that do it and do it well.

There are two websites I can refer you to:, and the, (The American Association of Political Consultants). Both maintain a directory of companies that specialize in this field of work.

I’ll be back next week with a few words on yet another method candidates use to raise money. Large and Celebrity events.

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