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There is a trick to win an election in multi-candidate contests, and the campaign strategy you employ is very different than what you’d use to win a one-on-one contest.

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In June of this year, to win an election, there were more than 20 Democratic candidates running for President. Many have since dropped out.

Why are some still standing? Why did others run out of steam and money?

This is why.

  • Those that are gone sounded too much like one of the other candidates running for office.
  • Those that are gone failed to articulate a campaign message that appealed to an important demographic slice of the electorate.
  • Those who are gone failed to develop their unique selling proposition.

What is that?

What can you say that no one else can say or will say to win an election?

  • Is there anything in your biography that makes you starkly different than the other candidates? Something unique about your story and how you tell it that sets you apart from the others?
  • Is there a wrong you want to right, an injustice you want to correct, a villain you want to vanquish, or an evil you want to eradicate that none of the other candidates are willing to talk about?
  • Is there a policy initiative you can promote that none of the others are willing to embrace? A cause that only you are willing to advance?

The way to survive and advance in a multi-candidate field and win an election comes from offering voters something unique that no one else can or will. It’s called your unique selling proposition. Those who have a good one make it to the finals. Those that don’t, don’t.

There are now a dozen presidential candidates who learned that the hard way. And now you know something they didn’t.

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Political consultant Jay Townsend works with smart, passionate candidates who want to run for office, win elections and make a difference. He has successfully helped candidates learn how to run for the U.S. Senate, how to run for Congress, how to run for Mayor and develop a winning campaign marketing strategy.

How to win an election:

Running for office and knowing how to win an election is a challenge, especially for first time political candidates just learning how to run for office. Discerning the fine points of how to campaign, raise political contributions, and execute a political campaign strategy often requires the help of someone who has served as a political strategist or who has experience as a political consultant.

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