America’s political parties are facing cataclysmic revolts from within, victims of the hatred both have sown. How candidates can win an election in an era filled with hate.

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Donald Trump did not divide the Republican Party. He won the nomination of a party that was already divided. Bernie Sanders did not divide the Democratic Party. He exploited divisions in an already divided Democratic Party.

A crack up and realignment of both parties is inevitable. It is happening before our eyes, and not even the wisest sages of our time know how that story will end.

Republicans used to believe in a market driven economy, free trade, immigration, a muscular foreign policy. Those in the party that still believe in those ideas are now challenged by economic nationalists, nativists, tribalists and those intolerant of unfamiliar religions.

Democrats who once believed that capitalism created a bigger pie for all are now challenged by socialists, wealth redistributors, and those who worship at the altar of identity politics.

America no longer has two strong political parties. It has two crumbling parties facing a cataclysm inside their own tent.

From chaos, however, comes opportunity.

When all are shouting the toxic chants of discord and division, it creates a market for voices that sing a more appealing song. Those who inspire rather than denigrate; those who offer harmony over discord; those who promote ideals instead of acrimony; those with the courage to rise above the noxious din of our age.

Machiavelli once said that the means of acquiring power determines whether they keep it. His way of saying that those who come to power by appealing to our better angels are the only ones truly endowed with the power to use it.

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