Partisan pit bull candidates are not solving any problems. In this video, a new Facebook Group for candidates who want to win an election by leading.

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The mid-term elections of 2018 did not settle anything. Both parties offered only rhetoric that appealed to their base voters. Both parties won races using that tactic. Republicans now claim they have a mandate for what they want to do. Democrats claim they have a mandate to do something completely different.

Very few candidates won an election by offering solutions. Few talked about how to fix immigration, or troubled schools, or trade policy, or our crumbling infrastructure, or any other of the many challenges now facing our divided nation. Therefore neither party received a mandate for a set of policies that will move our country forward.

We can sit around and complain about that, or we can do something about it.

If you are running for office any time soon, or would like to someday, I invite you to join our new Facebook Group.

It’s a group for smart, passionate people who want to win an election and make a profound difference in their community, city, state, or country.

Candidates who want to heal a nation divided by partisan rhetoric, and serve as a shining example of what can be done by offering new and constructive ideas in the marketplace of ideas.

It’s a group where you can get help with your campaign so you can win an election and advance a worthy cause.

Come join the discussion.

New Facebook Group- For Candidates Who Want to Win an Election2

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Political consultant Jay Townsend works with smart, passionate candidates who want to run for office, win elections and make a difference. He has successfully helped candidates learn how to run for the U.S. Senate, how to run for Congress, how to run for Mayor and develop a winning campaign marketing strategy.

How to win an election:

Running for office and knowing how to win an election is a challenge, especially for first time political candidates just learning how to run for office. Discerning the fine points of how to campaign, raise political contributions, and execute a political campaign strategy often requires the help of someone who has served as a political strategist or who has experience as a political consultant.

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