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The mid-term elections will settle nothing. In this video, what the country really wanted from the political campaigns, what it did not get, and what it portends for candidates willing to lead.

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Regardless of who wins or loses the mid-term elections, they will not settle any debates, nor will they offer a clear path forward. The reason is neither party offered one in the rhetoric its candidates put forth in these political campaigns.

Republicans wailed about dangerous immigrants, dangerous democrats, and the evils of mob rule led by Nancy Pelosi. Democrats warned of Republican schemes to gut health care, cut Medicare, destroy social security, and the evils of giving President Trump two more years of unchecked power.

The candidates of both parties talked past each other, used rhetoric that appealed only to their partisan base, which further polarized an electorate already polarized.

Missing were solutions. Or ideas on how to bring people together.

Missing were ideas on how to fix a country mired in identity politics, tribalism, nationalism, divisive discourse, distrust of others who don’t look or sound like them.

Missing were candidates who appealed to the American ideal, or offered an inspired notion of what we can be by combining the best ideas of both parties for the common good.

The hunger and the appetite for that kind of leadership will remain long after the votes are counted after these political campaigns.

If you are among those who would like to run for office, elevate our discourse, and make a positive difference in your community or country, watch this video.

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