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For their legislative achievements, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan were three of the most successful Presidents the United States has ever known.

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They did not stand on some bully pulpit and demand that Congress do something.

They told Congress what they wanted done. They had their staff write the legislation, send it to Congress, and made abundantly clear exactly what they wanted.

They then met with committee chairs, moved the legislative machinery, cajoled the reluctant, and promoted their legislation to the American people.


Reagan quickly got his military buildup, a social security reform bill, a tax cut bill, and in his second term a tax reform bill.

Johnson got his voting rights act, housing legislation, a civil rights bill, Medicaid and Medicare.

In his first 100 days, Roosevelt moved 15 major bills through Congress.

President Trump will not get an infrastructure bill, or a health care bill, or a tax reform bill unless and until he tells the Congress what he wants.

Governors, Presidents, Mayors, County Executives must do more than tweet and bellow from the bully pulpit. Once elected, they must govern. They must do. They must lead.

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