Find Out the 10 Work Mistakes Candidates Make… and How to Avoid Them

“10 Worst Mistakes Candidates Make”

10 Worst Mistakes Candidates Make30-Minute Audio, eBook or Combo

Why record a tutorial on the biggest mistakes candidates make? Simple. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I’ve seen other candidates make.

Learning from the mistakes of others will make you a better candidate and increase your chances of success.

If you are a campaign staffer, learning from the mistakes of others will make you a better staffer.

And having this audio and/or eBook will ensure that you don’t wreck your campaign before it gets off the ground.

Jay expounds on the top 10 mistakes candidates make, including:

  1. Ignoring Their Family
  2. Failing to First Put Household Finances in Order
  3. Not Being Able to Articulate a Reason for Running in less the 30 Seconds
  4. Not Doing their Homework on the Jurisdiction, City or District
  5. Getting into a Race without a Realistic Notion of Where the Campaign Funding Will Come from
  6. Not Having a Budget
  7. Treating the Press as a Nuisance to be Ignored
  8. Stupid Looking Websites
  9. Not Knowing Their Opponent
  10. Not Scouring Their Own Biography for Mistakes and Embellishments
  11. BONUS

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