It was a stunt worthy of Machiavelli.

In the span of 30 days, Obama embarrassed and intimidated the GOP into a retreat that has conservatives wondering the point of having a Republican Congress.

For good reason. Nearly all House Republicans signed a no new taxes pledge. The GOP controlled Congress voted to raise tax rates.

Without much of a peep, the GOP controlled Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling without any serious negotiation over spending limits, entitlement reform or any kind of spending restraint. We are left to wonder why a President who won’t negotiate today over spending restraint is going to do it in May after the Senate has passed a budget.

Coming? Obama will try to wedge the GOP House over gun control. Obama will try to wedge the GOP house over immigration, the environment, and even more taxes, which will come disguised as tax reform. And if the GOP refuses to roll, he will barnstorm the country asking citizens to demand the Congress bend to his will as he did in December and January.

The GOP now faces a stark choice, and one that will determine which party controls the Congress after the midterm elections in 2014. A GOP that refuses to stand for something will cease to stand for anything. Many more white flags of surrender and the GOP base will sit on its hands in the next election, which is exactly what the President wants it to do.

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