Krugman: Free Speech for Me. Everybody Else Shut Up and Sit Down

So the deficit scolds, while posing as the nation’s noble fiscal defenders, have in practice shown themselves both hypocritical and incoherent. They don’t deserve to have a central role in policy discussion; they really don’t even deserve a seat at the table.” Paul Krugman, New York Times 11/11/12

My father taught me a few wonderful lessons about people. Don’t just listen to someone’s words. Watch their body language when they say it. Listen to how they say what they are saying. Listen for what they are not telling you. I regard him an authority on the topic. He was trained in counter intelligence, worked at night in Washington during the Red Scare, and to this day can easily pick a lock. He can watch two people speak and without hearing a word discern prevaricator from truth teller.

My father also taught me to read between the lines of prose.

I read Krugman for the same reason I sometimes watch MSNBC; to know what the loyal opposition is thinking, how they formulate their arguments and refute the arguments of others.

Al Sharpton views all things through the prism of skin color. Those who don’t share his point of view are racists. Sharpton resorts to racism when he can’t refute the merits of someone’s argument, which is most of the time. Name calling is the last refuge of someone who is losing a debate.

Krugman? He disdains those who are concerned about the rising cost of government and entitlements. He thinks they are ‘hypocritical and incoherent’ because they don’t share his point of view. He calls them names like ‘hypocritical and incoherent’ because he can’t refute merits of their argument. And therefore …since he can’t refute their arguments, he thinks they should be silenced.

In other words, according to Krugman, anybody who dares to question our current course is unworthy of attention or a platform to air their views. It is the last refuge of a columnist who is losing a debate.

The wonderful thing about right of ‘free speech’ is that it makes it easier to spot those who think the right applies to them but no one else. It is ironic that a man afforded that pricy real estate on the New York Times Editorial page believes it is only for those who agree with him.

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