Never go anywhere without a digital recorder.

Never go anywhere without a digital recorder.

 I even take mine to bed. Why? Our creator gave us a very nimble mind. It is working even when we sleep. In our dreams images appear which stimulate thoughts and give us ideas. Sometime we take a problem to bed and awake to find it solved.

 You may not always have a pen and paper handy or time to jot down what came to your head as you were sleeping, or working out, or driving to work, or en route to an event, or upon sighting an object or an image that gave you an idea or thought to use in your next address, press release, white paper or newspaper interview.

A candidate running for public office also meets interesting people who have stories to tell—compelling or inspiring stories that illustrate important points that you may want to use in your next speech. Having that digital recorder handy is just as important as that credit card, driver license and cell phone you carry with you.

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