Never Stiff the Workers. They’ll Talk.

Never Stiff the Workers. They’ll Talk.

There was a lot of chatter over the weekend about Michelle Bachmann’s New Hampshire staff.

 Some stories said they had resigned en masse. Bachmann denied it. Then a staff member called ABC to confirm it. Other stories said only some had left. Then politico ran a story asserting that some staff people had not been paid in over a month. And all the stories completely overshadowed anything else Bachmann had to say.

Which takes us to something I learned long ago. And it is an apt lesson for any candidate who is running for public office. At some point or another, most campaigns have a cash flow problem. When you do, ask the consultants or the highly paid staff to suck it up and wait a few days or a week or two. Or ask some of the vendors who are making good money to wait a week or two. But never ever stiff the day-to-day workers. Most of them live paycheck to paycheck. And when they don’t get their paycheck, they talk. And when they do, it will throw your campaign off message.

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