Referendum on the Ryan Plan

Referendum on the Ryan Plan.


So now the dust has settled in that special congressional election in NY 26, a conservative Republican district in which a Republican was defeated.

Why? The Republican dared to endorse a plan to reform entitlement spending.

Democrats then had a conniption. And won a special election with an ad showing grandma being hurled over a cliff.

Today, the Democrats gloat, believing they have now found a winning message. Instead of talking about how to pay for entitlements that are not funded, democrats will be content to kick the can down the road and tell our kids to deal with the mess they are leaving behind.

*A national debt burden that has grown from 1 trillion to 14 trillion the last 30 years.

*A Medicare trust fund that will be out of money in 13 years.

*A social security system that will go belly up before today’s high school seniors reach the age of 40.

Meanwhile, as democrats chortle at the success of their demagoguery, the debt bomb keeps ticking, democrats in the Senate refuse to pass a budget, and the President demands Congress raise the debt ceiling by another 2 trillion dollars with no discussion of how we stop this tide of red ink.

For some reason I doubt that our kids are going to find anything funny about the mess that we of the me generation have made of the camp site. At some point, the adults in Washington will need to excuse the juveniles from the room and force an intelligent discussion about the kind of country we are going to bequeath the next generation.

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