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If you are running against an incumbent in a political campaign, you’ll probably be outspent. In this video, how one candidate turned an incumbent’s fat war chest into a liability.

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Through the years I’ve worked with a lot of candidates who challenged powerful and very well financed incumbents in political campaigns. We knew going into the campaign that we’d be hopelessly outspent, that we’d have to be very careful with our resources and make every dime count. And that our political campaign strategy would have to be spot on—not a single wasted word in our paid advertising – and spot on in our attack on the incumbent.

All challengers must demonstrate to voters why the incumbent needs to be replaced.

Quite often in those contests we used the incumbents money against them. Making the case that their cozy relationship with special interest donors affected their policy decisions.

Today, in my video, I share an example of how that is done by showing you a recent video aired by Cynthia Nixon, who now challenges New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a democratic primary.

In this video she takes issue with the money Governor Cuomo has received from … Donald Trump.

The brilliance in her video is this. She takes Governor Cuomo’s greatest asset, his ability to pry money from favor seekers, and turns it into a liability. She uses Donald Trump’s words to prove there was quid pro quo, that he got tax breaks by lining the pockets of New York politicians. She replays an audio of Governor Cuomo that praises Donald Trump, a man despised by democratic primary voters in New York. And the attack is timely. Several of Mr. Cuomo’s closest aides are on trial for selling access and favors on Governor Cuomo’s behalf.

If you’ve read the Art of War, by Sun Tzu, you’ll recognize what he said to do when facing a powerful force. It’s called guerilla warfare. Ms. Nixon’s video is a great example.

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